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our history

knese printing co., inc. - family owned and operated - established in january 1957 by ralph sr. with one press and one main customer.  kutis funeral home, who had encouraged its establishment.  prayer cards used by funeral homes are the main focus of the company.  its first location was in the southwest part of st. louis city known as "the hill" area.  in june 1957, ralph jr. graduated from high school and became the first full time employee.  during the company's formative years, however, ralph sr. and ralph jr.  found it necessary to maintain other full time employment.

the business location changed several times until 1970 when ralph sr. set it up in a shed-type building next to his home in fenton, mo.  there were now ten funeral homes doing business with the company, and a steady flow of general printing coming from ralph sr.'s contacts with st. anthony's medical center.  the business continued to grow steadily.  ralph iii began working part-time during high school and full time for a short period until he accepted a position with a local utility company;  he continues to help part time to the current date.  in 1983, ralph sr. died from cancer and ralph jr. took over the shop on a full time basis.  at this time, eighteen funeral homes and many small local firms in the area were doing business with the company.

the shop remained in fenton until 1994 when the company was moved to its present location in arnold, mo, the home of ralph jr.  from 1983 to 1994 the amount of funeral homes serviced grew from eighteen to sixty.  ralph jr.'s other two sons became involved in the business.  seventy-two funeral homes are now serviced as well as a large client base of general printing customers.  the company has grown from one press to three letterpresses, two digital printers, and a full color printing system.  ryan, son of ralph jr., is now the main contact for all general printing.  in 2004, the fourth generation of the knese family, ralph iv, (know as rj) began working part-time in the business.

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